Carmelo Gencarelli

During his extensive three decades of international career, Carmelo has held positions in Business Development, Single & Multifamily Architecture, Construction, Global Luxury Real Estate Marketing and Sales, Client Experience, and Innovation for companies in Palm Beach, New York, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. Central to Carmelo’s success is his dedication to his clients. Easy to work with, warm, and down-to-earth, he is his clients’ greatest advocate, always keeping their interests top of mind. His mission is to provide each of his clients with extraordinary quality of service and always act with honesty and integrity. Carmelo is looking forward to working with you!

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People Are The Ones Who Create Risk—Not Innovation 

Innovation helps us solve problems and make our lives better. But when it comes to risk management, Innovation has a limited role. People are the ones who create, assess, and manage risk. We must understand how people interact with Innovation to maximize its potential while mitigating any risks that arise from its use. By taking …

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The Traps Of Success…

Can be a double-edged sword that can cause organizations to become complacent, overconfident, and risk-averse. Innovation is critical to avoiding the problem of becoming too comfortable with success. It requires creativity, resourcefulness, and willingness to take risks. Companies must keep their competitive edge by continuously innovating in order to stay ahead of the competition. Organizations …

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How Covid-19 Accelerated Innovation In Organizations

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a major disruptive force in the lives of people all over the world. It has caused unprecedented disruption to businesses, economies, and social systems alike. Despite this upheaval, however, it has also presented opportunities for innovation and transformation that would otherwise have taken much longer to achieve. The Covid-19 pandemic …

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