Rental Apartment Design

In A Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought radical upheavals to daily habits and work arrangements worldwide, especially in the spaces we inhabit. Apartments space comes at a premium, but lack of apartment space while working from home is associated with poor ergonomics, decreased productivity, increased stress, migraines, and joint or muscle pain.

The pandemic has forced a good portion of the workforce to telecommute, leading to a proliferation of workspaces in unlikely places, from dining room tables to home offices and even closets. As the world returns to normal, many people rethink their living arrangements. Suddenly, the idea of being crammed into a small, poorly designed-apartment no longer seems so appealing, which presents a challenge for architects and developers trying to design luxury rental apartments that will appeal to a Post-Covid-19 world…

Luxury Rental Apartment

Designs Problems

What problems am I trying to solve?

What is the cause of the problems?

A significant percentage of architects and developers are more focused on the exterior look of the building and what it will look like externally. When you design without understanding the residents’ apartment needs, desires, and complaints, you base your design on unvalidated assumptions about what is genuinely needed. Having a wrong understanding of the problems results in a poorly defined scope and an incomplete and incorrect set of requirements…two things critical to successful design and development—the result is a product that does not meet the customers’ wants and needs.

What can we do to solve the problems?

Why must we solve the problems?

I Can Help

If you are a multifamily developer or architectural firm worried about residents’ complaints, let’s work together, I created impactful solutions to solve these issues with apartment floor plans. My innovative approach will help you create the perfect apartment and make your residents’ living experience unique and more enjoyable. With my 30-year expertise in interior architecture, I’m confident that my design ideas will make you and your residents extremely happy. I am passionate about assisting you in realizing the success of your multifamily project!

Multifamily Developers need to get better in touch
with the feelings of their residents, with each and
every experience that they have with the apartment.

What Residents Say About These “Luxury Floor Plans”

Residents today look at apartment living for the best lifestyle they can achieve for the money. We have to ensure the apartment buildings are well designed and maintained and the staff responds promptly to equipment breakdowns. The complaints about rental apartment floor plans are focused mostly on studios and one and two-bedroom units. Living in a poorly designed apartment will affect residents’ quality of life on a daily basis and should not be taken lightly. 

Below are examples from different multifamily developers of the questioned

two bedrooms and two bathrooms floor plans, usually called “luxurious” by

the industry. You can judge them yourself and decide what is really luxurious.

Top 10 Residents’ Complaints

1. All new apartment buildings offer the same floor plans.

2. The apartment feels too small. 

3. The kitchen area takes 50% or more of the living space. 

4. No room for a table! Very hard to eat on the kitchen island.

5. No sitting areas to enjoy meals with family and friends. 

6. Lack of storage and closet space. 

7. No water closet in the main bathroom. 

8. No room for exercise and no office space either.

9. No large windows, balconies, or private yards. 

10. Poor apartment views. 

professionals having a meeting

Collaboration Is The Key

Collaboration is the key to any design

team’s success. The best designs materialize

when our team comes together, challenging

each other to invent new techniques and search

for new expressions. Our Teams are essential

to reshaping the future of the Multifamily Industry,

making apartment buildings more functional and

emotional to the resident’s needs and desires.

What Is My Ultimate Goal?

My ultimate goal is to inspire Multifamily Architectural and Development Firms to innovate about 

The Resident Experience. We need to create apartments that residents love. Remember, residents,

stay loyal to companies due to the experience they receive. If you cannot meet their increasing

demands, your residents will leave you! Let us join forces and guarantee that your

multifamily project is exceptional!

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