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I am someone…

who loves using my experience and skills to help small and large organizations find genuine growth. Whether it’s architecture, construction, or real estate firms, I aim to create products and services that enhance customer experiences while helping them become more profitable.

I’ve been fortunate to work for companies in Palm Beach, New York, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. My expertise is broad, and I pride myself on being able to provide solutions to any challenge that arises. People trust me to deliver results, and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

Innovation has always been a driving force in my life. It’s so powerful that it can bring people together and drive progress in unexpected ways. Thinking outside the box has enabled me to devise creative solutions for problems and find effective ways of getting things done.

Any team can develop creative solutions to their biggest challenges. Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated; it can just mean looking at things from a different angle or finding new ways of doing things. The best part? You don’t need any special skills or resources; you only need the right attitude!

What do I stand for?

I believe that life is a journey, and while we don’t always know where it will take us, our values, vision, and beliefs can be our guiding light. Having a strong sense of purpose can keep us on track and help us stay focused. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; there’s always a way to reach your goals!

My Values: I was raised in an Italian family that believed in the power of trust, commitment, and appreciation. I’m inspired by their example and strive to bring these values into everything I do. My goal is to treat people with care and cultivate meaningful relationships.

My Vision: I envision developing a world where everyone can work together in peace and harmony. I treasure collaboration, dedication, and respect as the cornerstones of any successful endeavor. We can all learn from one another, and everyone has something unique to offer.

My Beliefs: I deeply value the power of positivity, optimism, and innovation. I’m driven to create solutions and change the status quo so everyone can benefit from progress. I persist in challenging myself and my team to think differently and find new ways of doing things.

French style home


Design-Build Consulting Services.

As an Owner’s Rep, I use my international experience in architecture, interior design, construction, and real estate development to limit my clients’ residential and commercial project risks from pre-construction to after-occupancy. I ensure that contractors, subcontractors, and vendors meet quality, schedule, contractual, and budget goals.

I was previously Senior VP of Business Development for Sciame Homes Palm Beach. I led the builder/developer operations and the development of new business opportunities. Additionally, I designed and oversaw multiple construction project executions, asset acquisition, and client/investor relations.

real estate advisory Services.

Since February 2022, I have been privileged to serve as the Senior Global Luxury Real Estate Advisor for Premier Estate Properties Palm Beach. I work closely with clients to create a selling and purchasing strategy. That strategy is a roadmap toward my clients’ goals, focusing on their unique needs, wants, and desires for a successful outcome.

When clients work with me they know that they work with one of Palm Beach’s most highly-trained and hardest-working firms in town but also benefit from my design-build knowledge and my transparent purchase and sale process every step of the way, focus on their distinctive priorities for an excellent result.

Here are some kind words from clients, Colleagues, and others.

“Carmelo’s trusted voice, bold perspective and proven track record strengthen our partnerships with homeowners,” says Sciame Homes Palm Beach President. “Carmelo’s diverse portfolio and rare combination of experience as a business development, architectural designer, developer, and builder further position us to champion customer experience and deliver projects that enhance their lifestyle.” 

—Andrew S. | Palm Beach | Employer

“Dear Carmelo, after doing our homework, meeting many contractors, designers, and builders, we had the pleasure of meeting you. You were the perfect fit!  You listened to our wish list, looked at all our ideas and came up with the perfect design. You never once said no but steered us in the right direction to develop an ideal design, keeping within our budget. Carmelo, we can only say thank you for your wonderful attitude, friendship and professionalism!”

—Gloria & John F. | New York | Client

“Carmelo is the person if you’re looking for an experienced real estate advisor who is a pleasure to work with. He has excellent judgment and will go the extra mile for his clients. Carmelo knows the Palm Beach real estate market inside and out, and he provides exceptional support and service for his clients. I can’t thank him enough for all of his assistance and friendship.”

—Michael G. | Palm Beach | Client

“Carmelo was a critical part of the team, helping to define a strategic vision for the organization and develop new opportunities. He was instrumental in driving commercial partnerships that brought value to all parties involved. His strong negotiation skills enabled him to secure valuable deals with industry leaders. We owe Carmelo a great deal of gratitude as his contributions have been immeasurable. We are confident that with his knowledge and experience, he will continue to excel in whatever business venture he takes on next. He will be an invaluable asset to any organization. Thanks for your help Carmelo!”

—Guido C. | São Paulo | Partner

“Dear Carmelo, I am so thankful to you for the help you gave me in building my Palm Bech home. You are a wonderful person to work with, and meeting with you is always a pleasure! The world needs more people like you! I appreciate my relationship with you. May 2023 be a very happy and prosperous year for you and your lovely family. With very best wishes.“

—Nannette L. | Palm Beach | Client

If you need a skilled real estate advisor who is easy to work with, Carmelo Gencarelli is your guy. He possesses excellent judgment and will work tirelessly to aid his clients. He has an in-depth knowledge of the Palm Beach real estate market and offers top-notch support and service; I am genuinely grateful for his help and companionship.

—Jack F. | West Palm Beach | Colleague

“If you’re searching for an exceptional real estate advisor who will really listen to your needs and wants, then Carmelo Gencarelli is the perfect choice for you! With his background in architecture and construction, Carmelo is able to provide great insights and suggestions that result in a fantastic finished product. We never would have thought of some of the potentials our property had, but Carmelo was able to see it and make it a reality. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to work with Carmelo and we know you’ll feel the same!”

—Juan Z. | Miami | Client

“Carmelo is the proof that you can succeed in any country worldwide with passion, dedication, integrity, and strong values. He has an unconditional work ethic and commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Carmelo has helped me move forward and reach the next level in my business. I highly recommend Carmelo to anyone who wants to improve their business or personal life.”

—Claudio B. | Buenos Aires | Partner

“Since launching the blog, Carmelo quickly made a name for himself by publishing practical and valuable information. He has a great eye for detail when it comes to creating content that is both engaging and informative; his writing style is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand the material. Overall, it is clear that Carmelo’s blog is an invaluable source of information for individuals looking to gain knowledge and insights into real estate and business development. I highly recommend Carmelo’s blog to anyone who is looking to learn more about these subjects. Thank you Carmelo for your great work!“

—George A. | New York | Colleague

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