Carmelo Gencarelli

During his extensive three decades of international career, Carmelo has held positions in Business Development, Single & Multifamily Architecture, Construction, Global Luxury Real Estate Marketing and Sales, Client Experience, and Innovation for companies in Palm Beach, New York, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. Central to Carmelo’s success is his dedication to his clients. Easy to work with, warm, and down-to-earth, he is his clients’ greatest advocate, always keeping their interests top of mind. His mission is to provide each of his clients with extraordinary quality of service and always act with honesty and integrity. Carmelo is looking forward to working with you!

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Innovation Is An Attitude!

Innovation Is An Attitude! “Innovation does not rely on your company’s size or industry; instead, it is a way of thinking that allows you to transcend boundaries.“ —Carmelo Gencarelli Innovation is not about coming up with the next big idea or invention. It’s an attitude that starts with asking questions, challenging assumptions, and looking for new …

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How To Prepare Your Organization For 2023s Challenges

As we head into the year 2023 and beyond, organizations are facing a new set of challenges. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to be prepared to embrace innovation. Generating creative ideas doesn’t happen overnight but rather is an ongoing process that involves continuously coming up with innovative solutions. Ideas are the building …

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